Executive Search Services

The reason MWM executive search services is so successful is because it employs a systematized, scientific approach to executive recruitment. This highly proactive process includes:

  • Corporate cultural analysis and needs assessment
  • Precise research strategy formulation and implementation
  • Scientific assessment and evaluation with proven statistical reliability in screening candidates for the required skills, behavioral traits, personality and value sytem.
  • Leading edge interviewing techniques, in combination with test results, produce detailed statistical reports on candidates' qualifications, motivations, cultural compatibility and predictable success.
  • Selection process presents superior candidates for client interviews with each individually measured against a structured model.
  • Candidate references are cross-checked to substantiate qualifications and interview perceptions.
  • Negotiation of compensation package designed to enhance the satisfaction of all interested parties.

Whether your company is a new venture or acquisition, experiencing reorganization or high growth, MWM executive search services delivers the right professionals to make the right things happen.

Research and Information Services

With over 18 years of experience in the high technology industry, MWM has developed an incomparable expertise in gathering and analyzing the important information businesses need to make the right decisions at the right time.

  • Real-time market research
  • Industry trends and perspectives
  • Global Information Network Access
  • Data collection and analysis

These MWM services are available individually or can be customized and bundledinto any combination to meet your company's research objectives and informational needs.

Data Management Services

MWM designed Data Management Services to work in partnership with your corporate human resource team to significantly reduce the time needed to assess candidate information generated by you recruitment process. This service includes:

  • Resume scanning, categorization, processing, tracking, archiving, and retrieval
  • Candidate pre-screening and qualification.
  • Systematized reporting

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