A creative, enthusiastic, high-achieving executive with over twenty-five years of outstanding performance based on a solid formal education consisting of a B.S.Ch.E. from (SCHOOL), a M.B.A. from (SCHOOL) and a J.D. from (SCHOOL). Currently, President of leading, innovative, entrepreneurial (COMPANY NAME) company. Formerly, President of a $650MM sales subsidiary of a major natural resources company. Prior responsibility reflects outstanding career growth and progress through various businesses including petroleum, nuclear, coal, chemicals and telecommunications equipment as well as multi-functional responsibilities including marketing, human resources, strategic planning, finance and engineering. Have also founded two banks: one with a state and one with a federal charter.



President, (COMPANY NAME), an acknowledged industry leader in developing high-tech revenue. Pre-tax profits on these sales were $90MM per year. Prior experience with (COMPANY NAME) provided 24 years of increasing levels of responsibility, including Vice President, Marketing and Planning, and Director, Human Resources, reporting to the Chairman of the Board. Annual revenues were $300MM and generated pre-tax profits of $90MM. (COMPANY) employee count totaled 10,000. Earlier experience with (COMPANY NAME) and two California-based companies focused on Marketing, Finance and Engineering.



Executive Management

  • Successfully managed and staffed not only business start-ups, but also periods of rapid, sustained corporate growth. These start-ups required up to $250MM on initial capital. Growth rates sustained over 5 years have averaged up to 45% per year.
  • Evaluated over 50 major corporate acquisitions with half a dozen resulting in successful multi-million-dollar mergers. Coordinated divestiture programs where asset values have exceeded $100MM.
  • Initiated and successfully implemented both corporate decentralization and centralization programs.
  • Achieved a management style that assures an appropriate balance between major elements of management...i.e., marketing , production, finance, employee motivation and public and environmental concerns, all directed toward increasing stockholder's value.

Marketing Management

  • Negotiated and executed contract with Japanese for $13MM profitable new sales in first four months on job.
  • Booked approximately $67MM profitable new sales from 21 new customers in less than two years.
  • Increased sales from $8MM to $240MM per year over a 10 year period while annual profits concurrently grew from break-even to $90MM before taxes.
  • Managed and sustained profitable sales revenue backlogs that approximated $8 billion

Human Resource Management

  • Established and staffed Human Resources Division, reporting to the Chairman of the Board of a billion dollar NYSE company.
  • Initiated programs that ultimately reduced unionization from 90% to 10% of an 8,000 employee hourly workforce.
  • Managed and consolidated 15 pension plans, 21 group health plans, 12 exempt salary structures, plus other human resource policies and practices.




COMPANY NAME (1991 - Present)

President, Chief Operating Officer, Board of Directors


COMPANY NAME (1988 - 1991)



COMPANY NAME (1964 - 1988) with both corporate and subsidiary positions:

VP.-Marketing & Planning - COMPANY NAME (1985 - 1988) - 3 Subsidiaries
VP.-Marketing & Planning - COMPANY NAME (1978 - 1985)
Director - Human Resources - Corporate-reporting to the Chairman of the Board (1975 - 1978)
General Manager - Administration - Refining Corporation (1971 - 1975)
Director - Marketing - Nuclear Corporation (1967 - 1971)
Assistant Controller - Corporate (1966 - 1967)
Manager - Planning & Control - COMPANY NAME (1964 - 1966)


COMPANY NAME (1961 - 1964)

Manager - Marketing and Assistant to the President


COMPANY NAME (1956 - 1961)

Senior Chemical Engineer





Joined (COMPANY NAME) (1956) following attainment of B.S.Ch.E. degree. Subsequently returned to Harvard to obtain an M.B.A. After joining (COMPANY NAME) in 1961, obtained law degree while working full-time

Outstanding leadership has also been displayed in professional and personal life through such activities as:

-Board of Directors: National Junior Achievement

-Director/Founder: Charter Bank, N.A.


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